Vendors Mixers

TNT Vendors Power Hour Mixer

TNT? Boom! We are here! What does TNT stand for? Tents & Tables Vendors Power Hour. We started this year itself with the need to promote our businesses far and beyond each event we attend as vendors to host a vendor mixer and now coming on Facebook Lives to have more exposure within out networking meetings.

These events are for vendors with the main goal to get together, swap ideas, experiences and to connect with each other! 

We encourage all vendors to join, whether experienced or new entrepreneurs, exposing yourselves to the small biz community!

We have hosted our events this 2023 at Tradesman Brewing Co 1647 King Street Ext. Charleston, SC FROM 6:00-8:00PM


Vendors Power hours happen?

We meet up and/or do a Facebook Live every 3rd Thursday FOR VENDOR MIXER

Vendors who attend our TNT Vendors Power Hour meeting have been rewarded throughout our raffles on each event with free spots on the following event. 

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